Friday, 18 January 2013

Getting Back To Normal

God its so hard to get back to my sewing ,  thats MY sewing ,  yes I,m back to work in the shop , The Crafty Fox alright  but finding it hard to get to my own stuff,  but lots of ideas in my head that is ,

anyway I tought I'd show you some projects I worked on in the run up to christmas ,

this is a patchwork quilt that was made for TCF which I'm teaching at the moment.

My lovely Tilda angle 

Cath cushion 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nature Exhibition

    Knit and Stitch Show at RDS Dublin
   Hi all   was so excited to be selected with my Organic Melody for the Nature Exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS in dublin , run by the Crafts Council of Ireland. It was a lovely few days and lovely to meet some of the other exhibitors  and of course a big thank you to Mary from the CCOI for doing such a brillant job .

Enough talk  photos please ,
Organic Melody 

This one is  Driftwood by my fellow textile artist check out her work 

Nature stand 

Sylvia Thompsom open the exhibition 

Organic melody 

detail view 

oh ye  its a dress   

Caroline Schofield 

one word  Amazing 

me and breda with our pieces   sorry Terry Dunne standing in front of your piece,   

and not forgeting  The Crafty Fox  stand at the show     we had a great few days meeting some of our regular customers and a lot of new ones ,

will show some more photos soon


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Been Busy

ohh been so busy  !!!!!

No I have'nt dissappered , I've just been very busy work wise and finding it hard to fit in my own work thats all , but hopefully I'll get some done this week and I'll post some shortly ,  

Here is a class I ran in The Crafty Fox recently  , some lovely patchwork cushions  also  ran a make a Bag workshop ,but sorry no pictures  , and of course all 6 week courses have started back at the moment , so its all go at the Crafty Fox 
Here is the lovely Emily with her Tilda Patchwork Quilt ,  Emily started with the basic sewing and is now putting me to shame  , ( only saying that because I so want to make one of these)   but isint it amazing   ,  This is what you can make at our sewing club  
here is some of my own work  but its early days with this one 
this on is going to a friend as a wedding present it has the words of an Elton John s song "Your Song"

untill next time



Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The one's that didnt quite make it

You know for some reason I cant explain why some of my paintings and textiles  make it and others dont , this is a view I would see quite often when walking on Gormanston beach ,  I like it but dont know of its quite finished yet altough its a peaceful painting i dont think it done yet so i wont be letting it go just yet 

I was playing around with some gutta and fabric paint  but never really moved on with this 

sorry for the picture quality , I did this when I was in college it is completely textiles , layers of fabric and stitch but for some reason never did anything with it 

Mabey too dark  trying to capture a misty sunset 

and then there was this quite large piece , no title but I was at the time trying to capture an under water feeling , lots of people that visit my studio love this , but again I dont know what it is ,  I wont let it go just yet think a few changes are needed 

I do like this section  oh and the stones ,

But there you have it some work that lies around for some time  untill I deside what to do with them or change them ,
I think it comes down to what I was trying to achive at the time and sometimes pieces take on their own direction but these ones dont know where their going yet.

till next time


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Organic Melody

So I did say I had new work.  I have been working on this one for a while , its quite big  3 panels each 3.5ft by 1ft .
In this piece I used silks, linens, cotton, lace, buttons, beads and paint.
I called it Organic Melody ,  dont ask me , it just came into my head one day as I was happly sewing away.
I entered it into the RDS show but no luck this year , but never mind I will enjoy looking at this on for a while ,
so hope you enjoy these photos

Untill next time


Friday, 22 June 2012

So I've made the Deadline

Ok so I know you' ve seen this one before,  but I have just handed it into the final round of judging for the RDS crafts exhibition   Its called" Pearl in the ocean " . Here is a close up of each heart .

And this is a sneek preview of the second piece I handed in , I'll show you more in another post ,  stay tuned .

Now I think it's

and mabey even some

So untill next time

see ye

wish me luck